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What is Your Why? | Carey Allen Shares His Love for Team Collaboration and Materials Testing

At Horrocks, we believe that our best work comes from the collective effort of all our team members.

As a Laboratory Supervisor in Meridian, Idaho, Carey's role is crucial to ensuring the safety and quality of construction materials for projects. Carey's commitment to testing and inspection underscores the importance of public safety within the construction industry. "I love my work because I feel like what I do here in the grand scheme of things is important for public safety." Carey says. "Our clients rely on us to make sure that their projects are built the way they are designed, and that the project is done correctly."

For Carey, Horrocks is a company that perfectly aligns with his expectations while embodying everything he had hoped to discover in an organization: a blend of professionalism and camaraderie that resembles a close-knit family. "It's an old cliche," said Carey. "The man who enjoys his job doesn't work a day in his life. But I feel like that is where I am now — I just really enjoy what I am doing."

When Carey is not in the office, he enjoys still being active with projects by restoring classic cars and bringing them back to life. He also enjoying thrills like flying radio control (RC) airplanes in his free time.

Learn more about Carey Allen and his work in the video below.


“My name is Carey Allen. I am the Laboratory Supervisor in Meridian, Idaho. My role is in inspection and testing of construction materials. The inspection part is very important for public safety. Everything about Horrocks is [...] it's all of what I expected to find in a company. And it's all wrapped up into one: it's family, it's an important job for the public, and it's working with a great group of people. My favorite part is just seeing a project from start to finish and watching it grow and being a part of the hard work that everyone does that goes into a particular project... and then seeing it come to completion.”


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