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What is Your Why? | Chris Melander Shapes the Treasure Valley's Future Through Engineering

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At Horrocks, we believe every project is done to serve the communities where we work and play.

Chris Melander from our Meridian, Idaho, office has a deep understanding and appreciation for transportation projects. Over the years, Chris has paved a remarkable career path deeply rooted in his connection to the Treasure Valley region. With a focus on addressing the transportation challenges that resonate with him and his wife as they raise their family in Caldwell, Chris has emerged as a key figure in tackling the region's infrastructure hurdles.

Chris Melander's fascination with civil engineering began in his childhood sandbox. He has always enjoyed designing and building things, and his engineering career has given him many satisfying achievements to that end — just ask his wife and four sons, who know the stories word-for-word from their long trips down Idaho highways! Behind the pocket protector and nerdy glasses, Chris is passionate about songwriting and creating music. He loves to spend time in his home studio writing and recording music with his family and friends. Born and raised in Idaho, Chris developed an appreciation for the outdoors and finds joy in cultivating his home garden of bonsai trees that are mostly grown from native Idaho seeds.

For Chris, the essence of being an engineer lies in the ability to shape the physical landscape while considering the lasting impact on society. Knowing that his contributions will be admired by individuals looking back in time fuels his excitement and passion for his role. Learn more about Chris' Why and dedication to making a meaningful difference in his own community in the video below.


Hi, my name is Chris Melander, Civil Engineer, and my career has mostly been in transportation projects. Idaho is really near and dear to me here in the Treasure Valley, and my wife and I are raising the sixth generation out in Caldwell. And so, the transportation challenges that the area is facing right now are really important to us. And I've had a chance to work on projects throughout the state and it's been really great to see these projects that started on paper be built and constructed. They're projects that will last for decades if not centuries. People will be able to look back. And that's one of the really exciting things to me about being an engineer.


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