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What is Your Why? | Kayla Hoover Shares Her Passion for Improving Community Livability

Updated: Jun 9, 2023

In many parts of modern society, engineers are working hard behind the scenes to solve problems and improve our quality of life.

Kayla Hoover in our Pleasant Grove, Utah, office dedicates her time to improving the functionality and livability of communities through her work in our Public Works (PW) Structures group. By working with the vertical structures team, Kayla helps create innovative solutions for architectural, heavy civil, and temporary structures that benefit the public in ways users may be unaware of.

When she’s not at work, Kayla enjoys exploring nature, watching movies with freshly popped popcorn, or trying new hobbies such as knitting, gardening, practicing yoga, and completing stained-glass art.

Learn more about what Kayla does at Horrocks and her why by viewing her interview below.

Video Transcript:

Hi, my name is Kayla Hoover. I grew up here in Utah, and I went to school at Utah State University to get both my bachelor's degree and my master’s degree… [This] helped lead me to what I wanted to do full-time as a structures engineer, which is what I have done here at Horrocks full-time for the last three years. I’ve been working with the vertical structures group doing lots of different things but mainly my focus is on tents and how they’re anchored down and how they respond in a wind event. And this is one of the cool things that I love about being an engineer is to see all the cool things we can do to help bring communities together and to help people to find joy without really having to think much about the basic things in life.


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