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What is Your Why? | Angela Valdez Discusses Community Involvement in New Mexico

Updated: Jun 9, 2023

At Horrocks, we are asking our employees to share what gives them purpose in their work.

For Angela Valdez in our Albuquerque, New Mexico, office, her passion stems from the impact that civil engineering has on rural communities. As a Senior Transportation and Drainage Engineer, Angela enjoys working with individuals in rural or underfunded communities as she helps to improve safety and develop better infrastructure.

Angela studied civil engineering at New Mexico State University and has been a part of the industry for the past 25 years. She joined the Horrocks team in November 2021. As a lover of the outdoors, Angela enjoys camping, hiking, and gardening.

Learn more about Angela’s why by viewing her interview below.

Video Transcript:

My name is Angela Valdez. I work in the Horrocks Albuquerque office. I am a Senior Engineer. Civil engineering is important to me because … you know, it’s a sense of helping out community. We get to establish ourselves in many communities and, you know, really get to understand the issues and improvements that are needed to help the public.

My entire career has been focused on public works projects, and I enjoy that aspect of it because of the fact that, you know, we get to help so many people in certain areas, especially rural New Mexico. That’s probably my favorite … Not to say that larger cities aren’t just as in need of improvements, but it seems like in rural communities, you really need an impact. Especially for those communities who may not have the funding opportunities in the tax space that is needed to get some of these projects done. It’s also fun to help them and rewarding to help them get the funding needed to get their projects underway and have this brand-new infrastructure to improve their communities.


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