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In September of 2023, Horrocks announced its strategic partnership with Trilon Group, a family of infrastructure consulting firms operating across the United States. This strategic partnership marked a significant milestone for both companies as Trilon added expert services in another region and Horrocks gained a partner with the ability to provide additional investment resources and operational expertise.

Known for their regional adaptability and people-first approach, Trilon is the ideal partner for Horrocks:

Bryan Foote, President of Horrocks

“At Horrocks, we believe in empowering people in all that we do. This is why I am excited about the strategic partnership between Horrocks and the Trilon Group. As a strategic partner, Trilon will help support Horrocks’ growth goals, provide significant opportunities for our people, and empower us as part of the communities we serve.”

– Bryan Foote, President

Trilon aims to bring together a family of the nation’s best engineering and planning firms in transportation, water, utilities, environmental, and community infrastructure. They are supported by Alpine Investors, a private equity firm invested in infrastructure consulting and technology. Trilon’s five-year vision is to build a Top 10-20 infrastructure consulting firm known for delivering practical and sustainable solutions.

As a firm that is driven by a culture of integrity, quality, unity, empowerment, and service, we believe that this partnership with Trilon will help support our growth and impact. Like the infrastructure we deliver, we aim to design an enduring company for our clients, our people, and the communities we serve.

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