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What is Your Why? | Thaddeus Yazzie Shares His Passion to Improve Transportation Systems

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At Horrocks, we ask our teams, “What makes our work worthwhile?”

For Thaddeus Yazzie in our Albuquerque, New Mexico, office, his passion lies in finding innovative solutions that make a big difference in our day-to-day lives. As a transportation engineer, Thaddeus plays a vital role in improving the overall user experience for drivers, pedestrians, and cyclists through planning, designing, and constructing transportation systems throughout our communities. Thaddeus finds joy in innovation and collaboration and constantly seeks opportunities to implement new ideas in his projects. Supported by a team of professionals at Horrocks, he transforms concepts into realistic designs that make a lasting impact. Thaddeus Yazzie discovered his passion for shaping the world of transportation back in 8th grade, and it has been a driving force in his life ever since. Outside of the office, Thaddeus lives an active life that includes racing off-road dirt bikes; cycling through Albuquerque; having adventures with his dog, Scarlet; and going on backpacking expeditions.

Learn more about Thaddeus's Why and his dedication to making a meaningful difference in the transportation field in the video below.


“Hi, my name is Thaddeus Yazzie.

As a transportation engineer, I believe my work is important because we plan, design, and construct a transportation system that should improve the overall user experience - users being drivers, pedestrians, and cyclists. The best part of my job is innovation and collaboration. I thoroughly enjoy finding opportunities to implement new and innovative ideas when working on a project. It takes a team of multidisciplined professionals ranging from engineers of other civil disciplines to surveyors and public involvement specialists to take a project from conception to design and ultimately to construction.

In order to provide quality work, I believe one must work for a company that values their engineers, and I'm fortunate to work for a company that does so. At Horrocks, I feel valued and able to work in a team that is united and able to continue my professional development.

Having an integral role in designing a transportation system that improves safety and quality of life for not only users but the surrounding communities, too, is what gives me purpose in my work.”


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