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Title: What is Your Why? | Jeff Hunter’s Passion for Natural Resources and Transportation in Idaho

A photo of a man (Jeff Hunter) in front of a blue background

At Horrocks, our employees have the unique opportunity to use their talents to help grow and support the places they call home.

As a Transportation Structures Engineer, Jeff Hunter's work is deeply connected to the natural resources of the areas where he lives and works. His family made the intentional choice to move to the West a few years ago in search of the beauty that these regions have to offer, and where the mountains, lakes, and landscapes have become a fundamental part of their lives.

Jeff and his fellow Horrocks team members share a common passion for preserving the environment and maintaining open access to these precious natural resources for everyone. For them, it's not just about work, it's about nurturing the places they've chosen to call home, ensuring that their families and others can continue to enjoy the beauty that drew them to these regions.

Jeff and his wife are both proud graduates at the Ohio State University and “cannot be held responsible for our actions during Buckeye football games.” Jeff has a deep passion for taking their kids "glamping" (glamorous camping) in their trailer and seizing any opportunity to explore the abundance of camping destinations both in Idaho and throughout the Western United States.

Learn more about Jeff’s Why and how his and his family’s love for the outdoors has shaped his work and his sense of purpose in the video below.


My name is Jeff Hunter and I work as a transportation structures engineer. So, I think you know, like many other engineers, or many of us who work at Horrocks, I think we share a passion for a lot of the natural resources in the areas where we live and work. And a few years ago, my family and I actually decided to move West for the sake of experiencing those natural resources. So, we did that a few years ago and we've really enjoyed being able to take our kids to mountains and lakes and those sorts of things. And I think as we see the places where we live and work grow exponentially. You know, I think we all, as civil engineers involved in transportation share a passion for kind of shepherding that growth and ensuring that we can maintain the access to those natural resources that we've enjoyed for years. You know, I think we want to ensure that our families are able to get to the mountains, go camping, do the kind of things that that have drawn us to the regions where we've chosen to live.


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