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The Road Ahead: How Mobile LiDAR in Our Informed Streets Program is Changing Transportation

Roads are the lifelines of our communities, connecting us to work, school, and the countless amenities that enrich our lives. The responsibility of maintaining these vital roadways falls upon local and state governments — a task as critical as it is challenging. Due to limited budgets, governments are often forced to make difficult decisions about which roads to prioritize for maintenance and when.

Horrocks’ pavement management system, Informed Streets, takes the guesswork out of road maintenance scheduling and empowers our clients to maximize their budgets by applying precise treatments to the right roads at the right times. Informed Streets leverages advanced technology and data-driven insights to tailor management plans and optimize costs and road upkeep. Here's how it works:

1. Initial Assessment and Survey

Our journey begins with a comprehensive initial assessment and survey of road conditions. Unlike traditional survey methods, Horrocks harnesses the power of Mobile LiDAR technology, integrating it into our fleet with the versatile Jeep Wrangler as the flagship. This Mobile LiDAR-equipped vehicle can capture millions of data points per second, rendering an accurate and detailed digital mock-up of the roads it traverses. This equipment enables us to efficiently collect vast amounts of precise data.

“Mobile LiDAR technology represents a significant leap forward from traditional surveying methods. In the past, surveyors often relied on a labor-intensive effort involving GPS and Total Station units that would collect data point-by-point. This process required meticulous work to connect the dots accurately for use in software like AutoCAD or Bentley. With Mobile LiDAR, we've entered a new era. This technology can capture millions of data points per second, revolutionizing the way we collect information. It employs an extremely accurate and precise laser, enabling us to render data true to form.” — Trevor Jensen, Utah Transportation Survey Manager

2. Data Analysis and Planning

With our Mobile LiDAR data in hand, the Informed Streets program processes datasets, assesses pavement conditions, and generates predictive models. These models are the foundation for creating customized road management plans utilizing data to make informed decisions.

When asked how the most recent integration of the Mobile LiDAR unit has enhanced our transportation projects, Trevor Jensen said, “The integration of the Mobile LiDAR system with the Jeep Wrangler has brought numerous advantages to our data collection efforts. One notable benefit is that the increased height of the unit mounted on the Jeep allows for a broader vantage point which allows us to capture more extensive areas in a single pass. Additionally, the mobility of the Jeep makes it easier to navigate and capture data in complex terrain. For instance, on dirt roads, we can mount the system on the front of the Jeep, avoiding the dust kicked up by the vehicle, which can interfere with data capture. It's a versatile and efficient solution.”

3. Project Visualization and Management

Informed Streets doesn't stop at data analysis. It provides a comprehensive view of road conditions and treatment options through intuitive visualization tools. These tools are seamlessly integrated with our existing software, ensuring that clients can access and interact with the data effortlessly.

The integration of Mobile LiDAR data with our software, as Trevor explained, is not just efficient — it's user-friendly. This means that clients can easily view point clouds in Geographic Information Systems (GIS), thus enhancing collaboration and making the data accessible to all project stakeholders.

4. Support Training and Customization

To ensure that our clients get the most out of Informed Streets, we provide robust support, training, and customization options. It's not just about delivering a product — it's about empowering our clients to utilize it effectively.


Informed Streets is paving the way for a smarter, more cost-effective approach to road maintenance. Paired with the power of Mobile LiDAR, we are not just maintaining roads: We are creating a smoother future for transportation, one LiDAR scan at a time.

Ready to explore how Informed Streets can transform your road maintenance strategies? Visit our Informed Streets website for more information or contact Trevor Jensen at


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