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What is Your Why? | Kurt Wald Discusses the Power of Self-Challenge and Teamwork

At Horrocks, we believe in the power of self-challenge and the incredible impact it can have on individuals and teams.

Kurt Wald, a Principal Project Manager in our Meridian, Idaho, office thrives on being surrounded by colleagues who share his passion for self-improvement. He highlights the importance of working alongside people who actively seek out challenges and, in doing so, inspire each other to reach greater heights.

Kurt believes that a culture of encouragement and shared goals is what sets Horrocks apart. Working together with a common purpose can boost creativity, efficiency, and our ability to overcome challenges. We believe that by bringing like-minded individuals together, we can achieve our objectives more effectively and create a collaborative, innovative, and supportive environment. Learn more about Kurt's passion for self-improvement and the culture of encouragement in the video below.


I'm Kurt Wald. I am a principal project manager in the Meridian office. I'm proud to be doing my work here at Horrocks to be involved with people who sort of strive and seek out to challenge themselves to get inspired by being pushed by their coworkers. [The] ability to have other people who welcome and walk towards self-challenge to try to inspire people to be better, to do great. We always joke around that, you know, this is not the try-hard team, this is the do great team and I believe that's true, and it feels like we're building an army of people who are like-minded, who find inspiration in the self-challenge.


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