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What is Your Why? | Eric Boucher Shares His Love for Teamwork and Positive Work Culture

Updated: Jun 6, 2023

At Horrocks, we have the privilege to work with many great people who are dedicated to improving the communities we live in.

To Eric Boucher, who works in our office in Meridian, Idaho, his current team is one of the finest he has ever worked with, period. Eric's role as a Senior Field Technician requires him to navigate complex challenges. But with the backing of his exceptional team and the collective help from supporting departments at Horrocks, he has found a work environment ripe for mutual growth and success.

Aside from his role at Horrocks, Eric is also a former martial arts instructor for at-risk youth and holds three second-degree black belts, specializing in Bruce Lee's Jeet Kune Du. Beyond his martial arts expertise, Eric possesses a deep passion for video games, with Donkey Kong reigning as his all-time favorite.

Learn more about Eric’s why by viewing his interview below.


Hi, I'm Eric Boucher, Senior Field Technician at our Meridian, Idaho office. Basically, what I do is I supervise and manage all the materials testing needs that we have for our transportation projects, working for the Idaho Transportation Department in District Three. This is the best team I’ve ever worked with, period.

In this industry or any other, I’m just very lucky to be part of this amazing team. The tools and support we receive from management is unparalleled, from high-quality equipment to a great benefits package, access to training, and competitive salaries coupled with a knowledgeable, friendly, and accessible HR and IT (Information Technology) department is absolutely outstanding.

I just feel like Horrocks just really attracts and recruits the best of the best, and it’s just an amazing thing. Interacting with my team is what helps keep me motivated - giving help, leadership, support, and training to our field staff as well as learning and growing by working closely with engineers daily and other senior field technicians and inspectors. This is why I want to work at Horrocks.


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