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What is Your Why? | Jill Hagen Shares her Love for Land Development

Updated: Jun 6, 2023

At Horrocks, we have the unique opportunity to help build strong, sustainable communities for a better quality of life.

Jill Hagen in our Meridian, Idaho, office finds purpose in her role as a Land Development Engineer-in-Training (EIT) by helping accommodate growth and improve quality of life in her hometown of Boise. Through her work, Jill enjoys utilizing her technical skills and knowledge to be a part of the positive change that helps her community thrive.

Outside of work, Jill enjoys spending her time skiing, boating, painting, cooking, and doing wine tastings with her family and friends. Her favorite cuisine is Thai food, and she can often be found trying new Thai restaurants throughout the Treasure Valley. Learn more about Jill and her work as a Land Development Engineer-in-Training and her Why by watching her video below.


“Hi, my name is Jill Hagen, and I graduated from the University of Idaho (go Vandals!) with a degree in civil engineering in 2021. I’ve been here for roughly a year. In my role as a Land Development EIT, I work primarily in site design. — I do everything from helping on the CADD side to utilities, grading, coordination with the architect and contractor - all sorts of things.

I would say, being in land development I firsthand am able to witness the growth in my community. The way that different layouts and different planning will affect a community’s infrastructure. I have seen Boise grow from a tiny city — I was born here, I was raised here — into a booming metropolis.

Growth in places like Boise is inevitable through growth and change in the community developing. But we, as land development engineers, have to find a way to accommodate that growth and do it in a way that pleases everyone, makes everyone happy, and makes the community thrive — not just exist, but a place where people can enjoy their day-to-day lives, have water, basic utilities. Me, myself, I get to make a difference in that. I get to help these people get those resources, be on teams that create that.

And that’s why when I work in land development, it makes me feel like I actually make a difference in how I make my community a better place to live.”


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