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What is Your Why? | Josh Alpers Discusses the Future of Transportation

Updated: Jun 9, 2023

As the world becomes more developed, it takes transportation engineers like Josh Alpers to make sure our roadways stay safe and sustainable for the growing population.  

Transportation engineers participate in the planning, design, operation, and maintenance of the roads that are driven on every day. Josh uses his knowledge in traffic engineering, traffic studies, transportation master planning, and traffic modeling to ensure roadways are safe for all users.

When he is not working to improve his community through traffic operations modeling and analysis, Josh enjoys relaxing with a good book or spending time with his wife, Jessica, and their two kids. Learn more about Josh and his work as a Traffic Operations Engineer and his why by watching his interview below.


“My name is Josh Alpers. I’ve been at Horrocks for five years here, and I’m a traffic operations engineer. Some of the things I do here at Horrocks involve long-range planning for different municipalities and traffic operations modeling and analysis for UDOT. My group specifically looks at what areas are growing and what traffic projects are needed to be able to sustain that growth. So, we do a lot of long-range planning where we look at the different socioeconomic conditions that we’re going to be seeing in the future, looking at the different growth that we’re experiencing here in Utah, and we use that to plan for a variety of different projects that need to be implemented. The reason why all of this is so important is because Utah is growing at such a fast pace. Here in Utah County, the population is set to double in the next 20-30 years. So, part of what we do is identifying where the growth is going to be happening and what transportation projects are going to be needed in order to sustain that growth in population and everything that is going to be happening here in the future.”


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