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What is Your Why? | Nick Saras Shares His Pride in Horrocks and the Work We Do

At Horrocks, we take pride in the impact each project has on the highways we drive on and the cities we call home. 

Nick Saras, a Transportation Structures Engineer from our Meridian, Idaho, office, stands at the forefront of the company's commitment to serving communities through transformative projects. Nick's story shares the impact of large-scale transportation projects he works on that he uses daily in the cities he calls home. 

In his downtime, Nick has a multifaceted lifestyle including hitting the gym for a workout and engaging in friendly competition on the basketball court, pickleball court, or disc golf course. When he's not playing sports, Nick can often be found fishing, attending music and art festivals, or trading cryptocurrencies and NFTs. 


"My name is Nick Saras, and I am a transportation structures engineer here in the Meridian office. I'm proud that the things that attracted me to Horrocks during hiring are real. We work hard to win and deliver these large-scale transportation projects for the highways I drive on in the cities I live in, which is real exciting. And it's rewarding to see a project and idea go from whiteboard to CAD drawing, to a plan sheet, to full-scale infrastructure model that our company uses every day. I believe that the work Horrocks does is work that needs to be done and improves upon the lives of others and that the client can't afford to get wrong. You know, now nearly 5 years later of being here, my pride in Horrocks still lies within many of these things but with a much deeper respect for the industry as a whole and where our company lies in that.” 

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We extend our sincere gratitude to all our employees for their dedication and hard work to make our Why campaign a success. Thank you to our incredible team for helping this campaign showcase the passion and expertise that defines our company. Your contributions are what make Horrocks truly exceptional. See more stories from some of our other employees in our YouTube playlist below. 


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