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What is Your Why? | Jan Howe Shares His Love for Environmental Planning

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What gives you purpose in your work?

Jan Howe, an environmental planner at Horrocks, derives purpose from contributing to projects that positively impact communities of all sizes. From installing fiber optic lines in remote rural areas to enhancing interstate highways in densely populated regions, Jan embraces the diversity and rewards of working across the communities where we live, work, and play.  

For Jan, his work played a crucial role in extending fiber optic internet connections to schools and communities in southern Utah and Northern Arizona on the Navajo Nation. This project allowed him to not only appreciate the unique landscapes of the area but also to actively contribute to providing a valuable service to these communities, showcasing his dedication to meaningful and impactful work.

Outside of the office, Jan immerses himself in the outdoors, creating lasting memories with his wife and children through camping, hiking, and shared exploration. When he's not out enjoying nature, Jan can be found experimenting with sourdough bread recipes in his free time.  

Learn more about Jan’s passion for not only improving the community he lives in, but communities around the country in the video below.


Hi, my name is Jan Howe. I work at Horrocks as an environmental planner. What gives me purpose in my work at Horrocks is being able to work on projects that benefit communities of all sizes. I've been able to work on projects that have installed fiber optic lines to rural communities out in the middle of nowhere. I've been able to work on transportation projects that improve interstate highways in busy, highly densely populated areas. And so, it's really interesting and really rewarding to be able to work in communities of all sizes. Two years ago, I was able to work on a project that provided fiber optic internet connection to various communities and schools in southern Utah and Northern Arizona on the Navajo Nation. It was interesting to see the area and also to be working on a project that would provide a valuable service to those communities. 


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