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DMM Management Joins Horrocks Engineers for Telecommunications Services in Arizona

Updated: Jun 9, 2023

Horrocks Engineers with picture of telecommunications tower in Arizona

Horrocks Engineers is thrilled to announce the addition of DMM Management to our team in Phoenix, Arizona. Founded in 1993 by David M. Mitchell, DMM Management has spent nearly three decades providing advanced telecommunications project management and engineering services for clients across Arizona and the southwestern U.S.

DMM brings three new employees to Horrocks: Senior Telecommunications Associate, David Mitchell; Senior Telecommunications Construction Manager, Doug Peterson; and Telecommunications Construction Manager, Jason Langham. Our new staff will augment Horrocks’ full-service engineering capabilities, bringing expertise in construction management; quality assurance and quality control; radio-frequency (RF) engineering and system performance; architectural and engineering design; civil engineering; and real estate and site acquisition.

Horrocks and the DMM staff look forward to working together to meet the growing demands of the wireless industry and better serve our clients in Arizona and the southwestern U.S.


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