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Horrocks Releases Construction Information Management System (CIMS) to Streamline Data Management

Updated: Jun 9, 2023

The accuracy and availability of data are two vital components to a project’s success. Although construction projects are rich in data, the limited or delayed exchange of this information between field crews and project managers often prevents early detection of issues on the job. From the initial project concept to completion, efficient data management improves project quality and prevents undue costs by identifying issues early. 

At Horrocks Engineers, we understand the importance of real-time access to data. To aid in construction management efforts, Horrocks developed the Construction Information Management System™ (CIMS) that bridges information gaps and streamlines the data collection, inspection, and testing processes for all users.

What Does CIMS Do?

Horrocks’ Construction Information Management System (CIMS) is a suite of tools designed for complex construction management projects. Our CIMS mobile app streamlines data entry for field crews, while our web-based project dashboards organize real-time data for owner analysis. 

CIMS is a combination of two platforms that can be customized for each project: the mobile app for field-use, and the online dashboard for data. The CIMS mobile app provides a far more efficient and digitized way of reporting construction data than traditional reporting methods. This state-of-the-art documentation app meets the need for instantaneous data management with Geographic Information System (GIS)-based project maps, task automation, and documentation.

Our mobile app streamlines the inspection and testing process by automating various project tasks, such as:

  • Computations

  • Data prompts

  • Error checking

  • Test randomization

  • User geolocation

  • And more

Enhanced Data Entry

The CIMS app hosts a variety of tools and modules that allow inspectors and technicians in the field to record testing and inspection data directly to the project dashboard, which can then be used immediately for documentation and analysis. Some of these tools include:

Field Testing Tools Our Field Testing tools include the Earthworks and the Concrete and Asphalt modules. The CIMS Earthworks module streamlines the density testing process and pinpoints inspector locations. Our Concrete and Asphalt module simplifies reporting for testing and inspection of paving, structural concrete, and flatwork.

Field Inspection Tools Our Field Inspection tools include the Inspection module, which standardizes data entry using customized forms. Data entry is streamlined through radio buttons, drop-down menus, automatic calculations, and conditional prompts. These entries are geo-linked via the GIS map interface. 

Lab Testing Tools Our Lab Testing tools are available through the project dashboard and create a digital library of test results. These test results are compiled into packets containing field tests, lab tests, and any backup documentation and are immediately available through email notifications. Automated failure identification, material trend tracking, and statistical analysis are customizable for each project. 

Project Statistics
Project statistics as shown on a dashboard

Improved Project Analysis

Horrocks’ CIMS project dashboard allows construction managers to quickly access project information, check the approval status, and make decisions on follow-up actions. The CIMS app analyzes, summarizes, and presents field data to the project dashboard using custom tables, charts, and graphs to display information such as the project status or issues that have been flagged for review and action. Because of CIMS’ real-time data collection, clients can ensure faster and better-quality management. 

Customized CIMS Dashboards

CIMS dashboard
Customized CIMS dashboard

Horrocks’ CIMS also includes fully customizable project dashboards to meet the specific needs of each client and their projects. These web-based dashboards provide instantaneous access to project data and metrics, allowing teams to manage and analyze data sets at a glance. These dashboards give project staff a space to view, track, and store all project field data quickly and accurately. 

Horrocks’ CIMS Experts

The CIMS application was developed through the expertise and experience of Horrocks’ CIMS Group Manager, Brett Daniel, PE, along with Peter Anderson, PE, and Derrick Sharp, GISP. The app was first conceptualized through Brett’s own experiences in various project roles, where he noticed there was room for improvement in the project delivery. When asked about his interest in data entry, Brett replied,

“From the first day I entered the heavy civil industry, I was asking the questions: Where is the evidence? What can we do to verify that the materials and workmanship will perform as designed and that there are no latent defects?”

This interest led Brett to join with Peter and Derrick to develop innovative digital tools and processes that streamline data entry for field crews and simplify compliance requirements for project leadership to avoid duplication in efforts. As the experts leading Horrocks’ CIMS development, Brett and his team continue to research and refine the system to best meet the needs of our clients and their unique projects.

“CIMS is extremely flexible.” Brett notes. “Keeping the personality and requirements of the project in mind, we can morph workflows, change the way tools look and feel, and customize reports far more than what I’ve seen on other systems. When you purchase CIMS, you’re not buying an out-of-the-box system. You’re buying a system that you can use as-is or can adapt to your feedback and morph into a system that aligns well to your needs.”

CIMS at Horrocks Engineers

At Horrocks, we believe the best projects are the ones done right. With the CIMS app and dashboards, project crews and management teams have access to complete and instantaneous information at their fingertips. This GIS-based system is one of the leading data-collection, management, and analysis applications on the market.  For more information about CIMS and to view examples of these digital tools being used in projects, please visit the new CIMS website or email  


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