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Horrocks Announces New Company Logo

Updated: Jun 9, 2023

Horrocks is thrilled to announce the launch of our new company logo as part of the phased evolution of our brand. The Horrocks logo is a graphic extension of who we are as a company, and as we continue to grow and expand as a firm, we want our presence to reflect all the types of work and services we provide for our clients and our communities.

When our founder, Gil Horrocks chose our first stylized H-logo, he set in motion the evolution of our then-tiny company. As a firm that takes great pride in our rich history, we are grateful to launch a new logo that retains aspects of the original design while also showing our brand’s growth and inclusivity toward all professionals in our company.

Today, Horrocks continues to expand, providing the services clients and communities need while demonstrating integrity, quality, unity, empowerment, and service.

From that first, simple "H" to our new, modern logo, we are proud to build on the legacy of our company while also looking forward to an exciting future.

Please join us in celebrating the unveiling of our new logo design.

In the coming months, Horrocks will update our marketing materials and all our company visuals with this new logo. If you have questions regarding this change or would like to learn more about Horrocks’ branding update, please contact


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