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Horrocks Engineers Receives Recognition in ACEC of Idaho’s 2021 Engineering Excellence Awards

Updated: Jun 9, 2023

Every year, the American Council of Engineering Companies (ACEC) of Idaho selects noteworthy projects as winners of the Idaho Engineering Excellence Awards (EEA) competition. This competition recognizes the achievements of engineering and surveying firms for engineering projects that demonstrate exceptional work and ingenuity and that contribute to the technical, economic, and social advancement of infrastructure.

This year, Horrocks was recognized for two projects: one in the Special Projects category and one in the Transportation category. Both projects exemplify our firm’s integrity and ability to collaborate. We are honored to accept these awards and look forward to continuing our legacy of engineering excellence in our future work.

2nd Place in Special Projects: The Centre at Rainey Creek

Swan Valley, Idaho

The Centre at Rainey Creek is a 23-acre combined residential and commercial development located in Swan Valley, Idaho. This picturesque and unique location posed several complex engineering challenges due to the existing conditions and restrictions. Some of these challenges included the natural waterway bisecting the property, high ground water, highway setbacks and permitting, and rural location development.

To ensure the success of this project, Horrocks provided unique, yet practical engineering solutions to address these difficult site issues. Our team provided land development, environmental investigations, survey, design, feasibility and land planning, and construction administration to create a beautiful, functional development on time and within budget.

2nd Place in Transportation: 2nd Street and Lenora Street Surface Improvements

McCall, Idaho

Horrocks has provided engineering services for many revitalization projects in McCall, Idaho. These projects aim to enhance and invest in the downtown core to improve the pedestrian experience and increase the attractiveness for residents, employers, and visitors.

One of the main projects in this revitalization plan was 2nd Street and Lenora Street. This urban redevelopment project was broken into two design and construction phases, with Horrocks leading design for the first phase for water, sewer, storm drain, roadway, streetscape, and pedestrian facility improvements. In the second phase, our team focused on all surface improvements, including upgrades to the roadway, curb and gutter, lighting, landscaping, and pedestrian facilities.

We are proud to celebrate the hard work and ingenuity our team demonstrated throughout the projects and offer congratulations to everyone who helped make them a success. We offer our special thanks to ACEC of Idaho for these honorable distinctions.


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