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Horrocks Gives Back to Family Support Center and Guadalupe School

Horrocks Engineers was honored to give back to our community by donating to two non-profit organizations affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Family Support Center: LifeStart Village

Horrocks committed to donate $15,000 to the Family Support Center’s LifeStart Village to renovate two family units for single parents. LifeStart Village is a self-sufficiency-based housing program in Midvale, Utah, for homeless, single-parent families. In LifeStart Village, single parents and their children move from homelessness or near homelessness into safe, reliable housing where they develop the necessary skills to create a stable and nurturing environment.

Director of Development, Bobbi Lord, described the center’s mission in these words: “The family is at the heart of our organization. Everything we do protects and fosters the well-being of the family unit. Every program we offer aims to reduce the risk factors of child abuse and promote protective factors in each child, family, and community. We are so excited and honored to join with the wonderful engineers and staff from Horrocks Engineers. Thanks to them and everyone who supports the mission of protecting children, strengthening families, and preventing child abuse.”

Guadalupe School: Bus Program

Horrocks has also committed to a monthly recurring donation to Guadalupe School in Salt Lake City to provide resources for students impacted by COVID-19 during the 2020 school year and the 2021 summer school session.

Since 1966, Guadalupe School has provided educational support to disadvantaged children and adults. What began as a gathering place for the area’s Hispanic community quickly evolved into educational programs which give children and adults the resources they need to improve their lives. Guadalupe School is now a K-6 elementary charter school tailored to children who are trying to learn English.

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the staff and students are adjusting to a hybrid-learning A/B schedule. Remote schooling presents several challenges for families, and one of the biggest concerns is for children who rely on school for their meals. Horrocks’ contribution will support the school’s bus program, providing the resources needed to not only drive students to and from school, but deliver meals to students working from home whenever it is possible.

Describing the effects of this program, Maricella Garcia, Guadalupe School Transportation and Parent Volunteer Coordinator, shared, “I work here at Guadalupe, and two of my sister’s four children are enrolled at Guadalupe. … She works two jobs, earning limited income. To have food delivered for the benefit of not just the two Guadalupe students, but for all four of her children, which the School did at no charge — to have milk and cereal, fruit and vegetables in the home — has, I know, carried this family through a very tough time since COVID hit.”

Horrocks remains connected to communities by giving back through service and donations. As our company continues to grow, we hope to maintain these wonderful relationships and expand our tradition of service.


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