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Horrocks Awarded 2020 APA Idaho and APA Utah Awards

Updated: Jun 14, 2023

Horrocks Engineers recently received two American Planning Association (APA) awards alongside the City of Mountain Home and the Utah Department of Transportation (UDOT). On Oct. 7, Horrocks was honored with the Outstanding Plan Award for the 2020 Comprehensive Plan from the Idaho Chapter of the APA. Horrocks also received the Regional Plan High Achievement Award from the Utah chapter of the APA for the Southern Parkway (SR-7) Active Transportation Plan.

Idaho APA Outstanding Plan Award

This is the second consecutive year Horrocks has been recognized by the APA for its planning efforts. In 2019, the organization awarded the City of Mountain Home and Horrocks for the Mountain Home Downtown Revitalization Plan. The 2020 Comprehensive Plan addresses City policies and actions across a variety of topics including housing, land use, community planning, and economic development.

Horrocks worked closely with the Idaho Policy Institute (IPI) and City of Mountain Home staff. IPI’s work included conducting a survey of Mountain Home residents, creating a dynamic dashboard of the results, and developing new land use maps.

Congratulations to the project team, including Peggy Breski and Clint Boyle of Horrocks, for their excellent work in ensuring that the City of Mountain Home has a detailed plan to guide the community into the future.

Utah APA Regional Plan High Achievement Award

Horrocks also received the prestigious Regional Plan High Achievement Award from the Utah chapter of the APA honoring our work on the Southern Parkway (SR-7) Active Transportation Plan. The project was a multijurisdiction effort to plan for and develop biking and walking infrastructure along the Southern Parkway corridor in Washington County.

The Southern Parkway is a relatively new highway that has transformed into the transportation backbone for much of the new growth occurring in Washington County. Local stakeholders recognized the importance of complementing this highway with a network of bicycle and walking trails in order to preserve the region’s quality of life and to promote healthy and sustainable transportation options. The Utah Department of Transportation (UDOT) and Horrocks spearheaded the project and worked closely with the county and three cities to analyze existing plans, identify gaps, and develop a strategy for pursuing the completion of a trail network through the 26-mile corridor.

Congratulations to the project team for creating a safe and enjoyable network of pedestrian and bicycle facilities that reflect the community’s desire to improve health and quality of life.


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