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Horrocks’ 2022 Year in Review

Updated: Jun 9, 2023

In 2022, Horrocks welcomed 237 new employees to our team and added four new offices: Redding, California; Las Cruces, New Mexico; Santa Fe, New Mexico; and Richfield, Utah. We also opened a new materials testing lab in Blackfoot, Idaho. Along with these new locations, several other offices moved to larger spaces to accommodate our growing number of staff members.

We are beyond grateful to our employees for their hard work serving our clients and communities and are excited to share how our firm has grown in other ways over the past year while adhering to our Core Values: Integrity, Quality, Unity, Empowerment, and Service.

Building Integrity

This year, we released a new mission statement that exemplifies all that we do at Horrocks:

We serve communities by providing infrastructure solutions that improve quality of life. We do this by investing in people and delivering great projects. What we do matters.

In developing this mission, we wanted to share our commitment to doing what is right for our clients, employees, and community. Integrity is our foundation, and we strive to embody this value at every level of business.

Delivering Quality

The work we do makes a difference in the daily lives of many people. That is why it is critical that our work is done right to create sound solutions that provide safe, sustainable, and high-quality infrastructure for all. Over the past year, our teams worked on 1,670 projects and completed 1,215 of those projects to improve quality of life and benefit our communities.

Fostering Unity

In 2022, we updated our company logo to reflect our growth as a firm while also promoting inclusivity and respect for all the professionals within our company.

Through this rebranding, we celebrated how our services have grown to not only include engineering, but also planning, program management, and much more.

Cultivating Empowerment

Our company culture encourages the sharing of experiences and learning from one another. By investing in and providing mentoring, training, and professional development opportunities within our teams, we are investing in our employees to help them reach their goals and build up our company from within. We believe that learning and growth should be a constant goal and are proud to provide these opportunities for our team.

Embracing Service

Our commitment to giving back to the community is a core part of who we are. Last year, our offices donated thousands of dollars to local charities and nonprofit organizations that support homeless shelters, education programs, and environmental and conservation efforts. Along with monetary donations, many of our staff have organized and participated in volunteer activities, such as cleaning up local parks, sorting food donations at food banks, gathering supplies for schools, and much more. Providing service to our communities is crucial to local improvement and growth, and we look forward to continuing to contribute to our communities in the years to come.

Looking Forward to 2023

We are excited for the prospect of a new year and thankful for the past year’s experiences and growth. We could not have done it alone and express our gratitude for our staff, clients, and partners who have empowered us to grow and thrive. We look forward to the many new projects and opportunities to serve our clients and communities in 2023 by embodying our company’s motto: What we do matters.


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