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A Look Back on Engineers Week 2021

This past week, Horrocks joined in the Engineers Week celebration of engineers and their impact on our lives by launching at-home engineering challenges, honoring Black innovators, sharing educational resources for future engineers, and recognizing female engineers in the industry.

Although in-person challenges, presentations, and volunteer options were limited due to COVID-19, we were excited to share opportunities to celebrate Engineers Week and bring engineering to life at home. We hosted a series of challenges that employees and their families could complete for chances to win prizes. See the winners of these challenges and enjoy their submissions below.

Challenge #1: Snack Structure

For this challenge, we asked participants to create a structure made entirely out of food items. Winners for all categories are listed below:

Tallest: Jared Olsen

Healthiest: Kevin Croshaw

Most Creative: Ryan Devitt

Challenge #2: Paper Bridge

In this challenge, we asked participants to design and create a bridge that spans at least 8 inches and can support a ¼ lb. weight. See the winners for this fun challenge below:

Most Weight Carried: Ryan Devitt

Most Creative Design: Kevin Croshaw

Challenge #3: Social Media Drawing

In the spirit of Engineers Week, we encouraged our employees to share their experiences in the field of engineering and increase public awareness of engineering through social media. Winners for this challenge were chosen in a random drawing, and are announced below:

  • Josh Alpers

  • Eleise Lowe

We have had an amazing turnout for this year’s Engineers Week and would like to thank our team for their efforts to make this celebration a success. If you missed our Imagining Tomorrow video series last week, you can find all of the kid-friendly videos on Horrocks' YouTube channel. Thanks again for an amazing Engineers Week.

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