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Horrocks Hosts First Virtual Unity Challenge

Horrocks recently invited employees to participate in a 10-week Virtual Unity Challenge. The Virtual Unity Challenge was created in response to the unexpected isolation we have experienced this year due to COVID-19, and employees and their families were invited to participate in weekly challenges and commit to a personal goal. Connecting people in a safe, virtual way via Yammer, participants were able to interact and share their experiences from home while promoting health and unity. 

Throughout the Virtual Unity Challenge, we have been excited to see participants working together to support one another in adopting healthy habits. Stefie Flores, an Engineer-in-Training, shared these comments about the experience: “Knowing that some of the activities were hard for others, too, made me realize that all of us share things in common – more than just working for the same company. And it motivated me to keep trying.” 

Other participants, like Brittany Kidd, noted a greater appreciation for self-care:

“This challenge has made me realize that I need to take more time to pause and give myself the love I deserve. We are all human, and sometimes we forget that. I am proud of all my colleagues and proud to be part of this great Horrocks family!”

More than 220 Horrocks employees participated in the Virtual Unity Challenge. The following video highlights the weekly challenges they tackled together.


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