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Horrocks Expands Transit Services to Connect Communities

Over the years, Horrocks Engineers has developed a broad range of services to aid in the coordination, planning, and design of transit projects. As a full-service civil engineering and transportation firm, we coordinate often with transportation and transit agencies. We provide management, planning, environmental, traffic modeling, right-of-way (ROW), survey, roadway, structures, Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS), drainage, public involvement, utility coordination, and subsurface utility engineering (SUE) services for heavy rail, light rail, bus, and active transportation projects.

With the appointment of several new transit specialists, we have recently expanded our transit services to include capital development program management, bus operations planning, first/last mile project support, Federal Transit Administration (FTA) and Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) project controls, National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) management, and interagency coordination. A detailed list of Horrocks’ transit services is included below, and we look forward to expanding these offerings as our transit team continues to grow.

Meet Horrocks’ Transit Specialists

Shane Marshall, PE | Principal-in-Charge Shane has 28 years of proven leadership in the transportation industry, coordinating with key stakeholders and managing projects and teams that consistently achieve their defined goals. As Project Manager on the Central Corridor Transit Study in Utah County, Utah, Shane is coordinating with 11 agencies, including Utah Transit Authority (UTA), to develop and evaluate transit alternatives on a limited number of north-south corridors within the Utah County study area. Shane is working with the project team and project partners to determine community goals and opportunities for transit.

Kevin Cox, PE | Senior Project Manager Kevin recently joined Horrocks as a Senior Project Manager in transit design and program management. He has more than 25 years of owner and consultant experience. Kevin has managed multiple teams on projects with traditional and alternative delivery methods, including Design-Build, Construction Manager/General Contractor (CMGC), and alliancing. Kevin is experienced in all phases of rail transit project delivery and in meeting federal requirements for assessments, certification, testing, and reporting. He has held key roles including Design Manager, Construction Manager, and Program Manager on major capital rail transit programs in Utah, Texas, and Hawaii. 

Alfred Knotts | Senior Transportation Planner Prior to joining Horrocks, Alfred served as Transportation Director for Park City, Utah, where he oversaw the day-to-day operations of Park City transit as well as the short- and long-range planning of Park City’s transit program serving the area’s resort communities and international events. Alfred’s 20 years of transit-related experience also includes serving as Capital Program Manager for the Bi-State Tahoe Transportation District, where he was responsible for the planning, design, and constructing of multi-modal transportation projects. Alfred has extensive experience with inter- and intra-regional service planning, triennial performance audits, demand analysis, performance monitoring, FTA operating and capital grant administration and compliance, FTA alternatives analysis, NEPA compliance, and transit agency governance.

Alexis Verson | Senior Transportation Planner

Alexis comes to Horrocks with over eight years of experience in the public sector working on a variety of transit, active transportation, and corridor-level and long-range planning efforts along the Wasatch Front in Utah. Alexis is currently working on the South Valley Transit Study to screen corridor and mode alternatives. Alexis focuses on mode shifting and incentivizing behavioral changes for transportation system users. As a Senior Transportation Planner for Park City, she focused on providing ADA-accessible first/last mile connections, conducting bus stop inventories and onboard rider surveys, managing grant funds, and implementing transit service and routing as a Transportation Demand Management strategy. She oversaw event and peak-day transit operations to mitigate congestion and impacts to residents. She has also worked on the planning and execution of transit master plans, short-range transit plans, and transit alternatives studies.

Transit Services

Alternative Fuel Facility Management

Art-in-Transit Coordination

Bus Rapid Transit (BRT)

Civil Design, including Structures, Drainage, & Roadway

Construction Engineering & Inspection

Contract & Procurement Management

Environmental Studies & Documentation

Facility Design Support & Management

Fiber Optics & Telecommunications

First-Mile/Last-Mile Connectivity Planning

FTA/FRA Coordination & Reporting

Grant Management

Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) Integration & Deployment

Landscape Architecture

Light Rail & Commuter Rail

Maintenance Yards & Facilities

Program Management

Project Controls

Public Involvement (Title VI Compliant)

Risk Management

Stakeholder Coordination

Traffic Modeling

Transit Demand Analysis

Transit Master Planning

Utility Coordination, Design, & Subsurface Utility Engineering (SUE)

Transit Projects

Helping to meet the ever-increasing demand for connectivity and transportation, Horrocks provides transit services to coordinate, plan, and design transit systems throughout the western United States. A sample of our transit experience is demonstrated in our recent transit services:

  • Central Corridor Transit Study: In this study involving seven cities in Utah County, Utah, Horrocks collaborated with the Utah Transit Authority (UTA), Utah Department of Transportation (UDOT), and Mountainland Association of Governments (MAG) to evaluate ridership, travel times, land use, and cost to recommend a Preferred Alternative for transit service between Lehi and Provo.

  • South Valley Transit Study: Similar to the Central Corridor Transit Study, this effort is determining how best to serve the southern part of Utah County, Utah, with more robust transit service. Horrocks is providing public involvement services, data mapping and synthesis, and screening evaluations for transit corridor and mode alternatives.

  • CNG and Battery Electric Fleet and Infrastructure Construction: Horrocks worked on FTA-funded capital projects for the construction of compressed natural gas (CNG) in south Lake Tahoe, CA, as well as overhead and depot electric fueling facilities in Park City, UT, to aid in the transition of municipal and regional transit district fleets from diesel to alternative fuels.

  • Lake Tahoe North Shore to South Shore Transit Alternatives Analysis: Horrocks completed an FTA-compliant Alternatives Analysis that evaluated various mass transit modes to connect the communities and major resort destinations located on the north and south shores of Lake Tahoe on the California/Nevada border.

Contact Us

For more information about the transit services available, please contact Kevin Cox at (801) 673-4532 or at For a full list of Horrocks’ services, please visit our Services page.


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