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Horrocks Announces New Strategic Partnership with Trilon Group

Horrocks is excited to announce a strategic partnership with Trilon Group, a family of infrastructure consulting firms operating across the United States. Known for their regional adaptability and people-first approach, Trilon is the ideal partner for Horrocks. This strategic partnership marks a significant milestone for both companies, and we look forward to this next chapter in Horrocks’ journey.

What Does This Partnership Mean?

Since 1968, Horrocks has established a reputation for providing exceptional engineering services and infrastructure solutions that improve quality of life in the communities we serve. Horrocks will continue to operate as Horrocks, maintaining all reporting structures, operational autonomy, and client relationships. Together with Trilon, Horrocks will advance investments in talent, technology, and targeted growth, elevating the delivery of infrastructure solutions for our clients and communities.

What to Expect:

  • Enhanced Product and Service Offerings Access to Trilon’s resources and shared industry knowledge will allow our firm to provide even more innovative solutions on projects while maintaining our long-held relationships and adding to our customer experience.

  • Greater Geographic Outreach and Accessibility Over time, partnership with Trilon will enable Horrocks to expand our geographic footprint to reach new markets and open partnership opportunities for our firm.

  • Continued Excellence With added support from other firms in the Trilon family of companies, Horrocks’ teams will be able to share industry expertise, serve a broader range of projects, and continue innovating at the forefront of infrastructure delivery.

  • Transparent and Open Communication Horrocks is committed to keeping our clients, partners, and staff informed. Any changes in operations or services will be communicated transparently and in a timely manner.

About Trilon Group

Trilon’s goal is to bring together a family of the nation’s best engineering and planning firms in transportation, water, utilities, environmental, and community infrastructure. They are supported by Alpine Investors, a private equity firm invested in infrastructure consulting and technology. Trilon’s five-year vision is to build a Top 10-20 infrastructure consulting firm known for delivering practical and sustainable solutions.

Our Shared Vision

At Horrocks, we searched for the right company to become our strategic partner. As a firm that is deeply rooted in service and communities, we required a partner with the ability to provide additional investment resources and operational expertise while also supporting our autonomy and sharing the core beliefs we were built upon. In selecting Trilon, we carefully considered several factors that would provide the best opportunities and outcomes for our firm, including:

  • A strong cultural alignment with Horrocks

  • An expert understanding of our industry

  • A complementary set of core values

  • Access to additional growth capital and strategic resources

  • Support of Horrocks’ continued strategic growth

Trilon and Horrocks members posing as a group

Looking Forward to the Future Ahead

As a firm that is driven by a culture of integrity, quality, unity, empowerment, and service, we believe that this partnership with Trilon will help support our growth and impact. Like the infrastructure we deliver, we aim to design an enduring company for our clients, our people, and the communities we serve.

Please stay tuned for updates and announcements as we share the incredible opportunities that lie ahead in this new chapter with Trilon.

We want to extend our heartfelt gratitude to all of our staff, clients, and partners who have supported Horrocks throughout our journey. Your trust and loyalty have been the driving force behind our success, and we look forward to continuing to serve you with excellence in the future.

What we do matters.


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