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Celebrating Health and Unity with Horrocks’ Second Virtual Unity Challenge

Because of the success of our first Virtual Unity Challenge (VUC) in the fall of 2020, Horrocks launched a second 9-week challenge series on March 15, 2021, to continue to build unity within our company and elevate the importance of health and wellness.

With many of our employees telecommuting due to COVID-19, we wanted to offer an opportunity for participants to build connections with one another through an interactive challenge that they could do from home. Some of these challenges included meditating for 10 minutes a day, preparing all meals for a week, or completing daily acts of kindness. This year’s challenges were hosted on Yammer, where our employees could interact and share their experiences virtually in hopes of winning weekly prizes.

We were thrilled to have over 160 participants take part in this year’s VUC, which created many great experiences and memories throughout the challenge series. Scroll down to see this year’s highlights of our team’s experiences throughout the challenge.

"I like this week’s challenge because this is already part of my routine. It’s great to see others enjoy it as well. For me, I do it for the physical health but also the mental health. When I started back up it was really hard, but then I started to see quick progress. That alone is the best feeling. Keep it up beyond this week!" - Brandon Carrick

From Week 2: Exercise

"It's been a while since we've all had our cameras on during the meeting and were having a great time chatting before the meeting started." - Patrick Fisher

From Week 1: Face Time Challenge

"I am grateful for this week as it has brought awareness to the things I do and what others do for me, so I feel recognized and better recognize others!" - Alisa Meshkova

From Week 4: Pay It Forward

"Fun hike to the G this morning with some great folks. It was a good reminder to stay hydrated!" - Tony Curtis

From Week 8: Hydrate

"Just finished attending the weekly meditation session offered through our intranet training center and what a relaxing and peaceful experience! Not sure why, but it was a lot easier to achieve tranquility when I joined this group today than it was on my own yesterday." - Tosha Wixom

From Week 3: Meditate


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