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Location: Okanogan Co., WA:

Horrocks was selected to provide roadway improvements to Leader Lake Road, a heavily deteriorated and unmaintained road with insufficient roadside ditches and poor drainage. Our team redesigned the ½ mile of roadway, which included increasing the roadway width, realigning a horizontal curve, and reestablishing drainage ditches. Horrocks designed the new roadway with a 2% crown to shed water off the pavement and into the ditches. With a limited project budget, Horrocks was able to work with the Washington Department of Natural Resources (DNR) to develop cost-saving solutions and implement them into the design. While designing the roadway, Horrocks considered existing slopes and maintained them when possible to help reduce the need to haul waste materials off the project site. After performing value engineering, the design team determined that using recycled asphalt base stabilization would save approximately $15,000 in the cost of materials. Additionally, only one existing culvert was replaced as the reestablishment of ditches eliminated the need for additional culverts, and this also reduced the overall project cost.

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