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The CMGC Team of Ralph L. Wadsworth, Horrocks Engineers, and H.W. Lochner, in
cooperation with UDOT and FHWA, utilized Accelerated Bridge Construction (ABC)
and a reversible barrier system to improve conditions along I-80. ABC was used
to replace 12 bridges along the I-80 corridor in a two-month period from late June
through early August 2008. Horrocks designed the ABC bridges at 300 East, 500
East, 600 East, 700 East, 900 East, and Highland Drive. This technology reduced
roadway closures and the inconvenience to the I-80 commuters.
The I-80 project is approximately 1.5 miles of mainline I-80 with 17 bridges,
including 14 mainline I-80 bridges, 3 ramp bridges, and over 20 retaining walls.
Horrocks Engineers designed all bridges to incorporate using ABC methods.
The Horrocks Engineers/RLW Construction CMGC team transported all mainline
bridges using Self-Propelled Modular Transporters (SPMTs). All superstructures
were constructed in a common casting yard and transported down the corridor to
each location.

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