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This portion of Bangerter Highway is an access controlled, four-lane highway
that is intended to move high volumes of traffic from the south end of the Salt
Lake Valley toward the north end. It is one of only two access controlled north/
south corridors in the valley. In addition to roadway alignment and profile design,
Horrocks Engineers also designed 7 structures due to roadway, irrigation, drainage,
and other waterway crossings. The project also dealt with many groundwater and
wetland issues requiring extensive geotechnical investigation and soils analysis. As
a result, measures were taken to stabilize the river banks, prepare for fill settlement,
and to delineate and mitigate wetlands including native revetment. Storm drainage
facilities were also a major part of the design process. Extensive coordination
was required with many local and federal agencies, including the Army Corps of
Engineers, Union Pacific Railroad, Draper City, and various canal utility companies.
Other design considerations were noise studies, noise wall design, irrigation,
utilities, and landscaping.

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