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Russell Youd Retires as Horrocks’ President After 34 Years of Service

A man with the text, "Thank you, Russell Youd"

After more than 34 years at Horrocks, our company’s President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Russell Youd, will be retiring from his position on January 1, 2024.

“Serving as the leader of Horrocks has been the opportunity of a lifetime, and I am incredibly proud of the organization that we are today.” said Russell. Since his start at the company in 1989, Russell has been guiding Horrocks’ success in the industry. In his years serving as a leader of Horrocks, Russell’s passion for our people, services, and overall company growth have led to greater opportunities for staff and clients.

“Growth for Horrocks is something I’ve always pushed for,” Russell stated. “It was a lot of work expanding outside of Utah, but that was really important to me in my career. I remember thinking, ‘This is a great place to work. There are such great people working here... Why can’t we grow and let as many people as possible join our team and have the same experiences with us?’ And with the help of many others in our company, we have made this a success. Now, to see our once Utah-only firm become 21 offices across 9 states in the West is just so satisfying to me.”

Bryan Foote, who has been with Horrocks for the past 25 years, will serve as the firm’s new President. “Bryan is such a great guy, and I’m really excited to see him step into this new role as President,” Russell said. “[His] efforts in establishing and growing our presence in Idaho led to a turning point for our firm. It’s hard to go into a new market, but Bryan’s commitment to his employees and projects positioned the team for success in that region. I have no doubt that Bryan will continue to bring his leadership and support to our entire company in this new role.”

When asked to provide some advice for Bryan and other future leaders of the company, Russell shared, “From one President to the next, my counsel to Bryan is this: Love the employees. You can’t go wrong with that one. Because that's where it all begins and ends. When you retire, you’ll think ‘those projects were really cool,’ but it’s your relationships that matter.”

To his teams and colleagues at Horrocks, Russell offered two further recommendations: “Firstly, enjoy this period in your life where you can make a difference in your communities. These are the jobs that we can be proud of and remember fondly later on. Secondly, remember to love the people around you — that’s the most important thing. Thank you for allowing me to serve you and to be a part of your team.”


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