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 Flexibility: Flexible scheduling coordinated with supervisor, based on a culture of trust.

401K Match: Employer 401K match after three months of service with immediate vesting.

HSA Contribution: Monthly employer contribution to a Health Savings Account.

 Comp Time:

Hours worked over 40 in a week can be reimursed as pay or banked as additional PTO. as additional PTO.

Paid Time Off: Seven paid holidays and 15 additional days of PTO, which begin to accrue immediately.

Parental Leave
Up to two consecutive weeks of paid parental leave after the birth or adoption of a child.

Wellness Program: Targeted health and wellness initiatives designed to meet employee-specific needs.


At Horrocks, we recognize that our greatest asset is our people. That is why we invest in them through professional development opportunities and other services that support employees and their families. Our core values are all about creating a company culture that will reward our employees, which ultimately allows us to provide the best service for our clients and our communities.   






Kasey Chesnut

      I have really enjoyed my time at Horrocks. It is growing fast, but it somehow retains the small company feel. It is fun to come to the office and interact with like-minded people who have a passion for work as well as play. I also appreciate the positivity here at Horrocks — people genuinely want you to succeed. It is a great atmosphere filled with good teams.



Senior engineer | Pleasant Grove, UT

3 years with Horrocks

Erin Kline


      The support and mentoring by individuals and team leaders, the new opportunities to grow and learn, the very diverse team of individuals that make learning enjoyable and exciting — all are reasons why I enjoy working for Horrocks. They are a family in a working environment. This environment extends beyond work by providing flexibility and added time for families, which is invaluable to me, especially with young children at home.

Construction Group Manager | Tucson, AZ

3 years with Horrocks



Jared Olsen


      Over the past 10 years, I have enjoyed working at Horrocks because of the people, the opportunities, and the focus this company has on families. My children have created their own memories at office events over the years, and many of the people I work with have now become close friends. When my 7-year-old mentioned that he wanted to be an engineer and I asked what kind of engineer he said, "a Horrocks engineer." This company takes care of its employees, providing them multiple opportunities to grow and succeed.


structures engineer | las vegas, NV

11 years with Horrocks



CULTURe #athorrocks


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